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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Another November, Another NaNo

Sorry I didn't post anything on Monday. With the story done, trying to frantically finish NaNo for this year and a turkey hangover, I had nothing for a blog post. Now that I've had some recovery time (although I'm still working away at NaNo), I thought it was a good time to check in. So, hello!

First, and most importantly, first draft of WHAT THE WHOLE TOWN KNEW is obviously finished. Love it or hate it? Maybe you're indifferent. I'd love to hear opinions; all the Good, Bad and Ugly. I had stated when I first started posting the story that it was an experiment. During the last few months, I learned a lot from trying to get those posts done in a somewhat timely manner and balancing everything else (home, work, family, child-taxiing, and a book launch) to the difficulty in writing an extended piece all in second person. Needless to say, this was not an easy story to write.

I posted the story here so it would get read, and as "encouragement" to finish it. Both of these goals have been accomplished. Never did I consider publishing it or sending it on submission. As many of my fellow writers know, writing in second person is generally frowned upon in the publishing industry. Not to say there aren't books written this way, but it's extremely hard to get anyone to take you seriously if you're unpublished and approaching them with something like this. WHAT THE WHOLE TOWN KNEW was more of a fun thing, to see if I could do it and if people would read it. Again, both proved somewhat viable.

At this point, I should move on. I have several other pieces that need my attention. Finished manuscripts waiting to go out and see if they can land a deal. A few that I've received feedback on and want to revise again. But, I'm not quite ready to shelve Lizzy and the Bordens yet. I have story elements I want to add and a few lines of thought I want to expand upon. It looks like revisions are in my future.

It won't be right away. I'm finishing my project for NaNo first. A sequel to MOTHER OF MONSTER - YA Dystopian/Greek Mythology with *zombies*. Don't worry, they're not gratuitous zombies, thrown in there just for fun. I don't even like zombies, but this story couldn't be told without them. And I'm super excited about it. Unfortunately, I won't be posting it up here as I'm hoping to get a deal for it at some point. (I will need beta-readers once I get to that point, so if you're as excited about a mash-up like this as I am, what this space for reader requests.)

Going back to WHAT THE WHOLE TOWN KNEW and the upcoming revisions. What I need to know from you, the readers, is whether or not you would buy this in book or ebook form, should I decide to pursue publication for it? Would you recommend it to friends and family? I have not yet decided whether or not this is a direction I want to go with it, and your responses will help. It will be significantly revised and edited by someone other than myself.

So, what are your thoughts? Yea or Nay for publishing it? Something else you'd like to say about it? Leave me a comment and let me know what you're thinking. Or, just click your answer on the poll.


  1. I'm not usually the type of guy who gets into reading.Tattoos and heavy metal music are more me,but i stumbled upon Lizzy and the Bordens back in early May through a friend's Facebook post.I got hooked on the story right away,and looked foward to every new chapter.The suspense you left us with every time was great,and the next chapter always paid off.My only complaint was the ending.I get what you were trying with a clever make you wonder ending,but when it was done i felt sorta the same way as when Lost ended.I would have loved to know what the verdict was for one.It just seems like there was so many things left unanswered.What about Bev and the dog?.What happens to Myra's family life now?.Don't get me wrong,I loved the story....perhaps you could go with a second story on what happens from the verdict on.

    Anyway,i have your website bookmarked,and look foward to whatever adult reading story you may roll out next.

    Best Regards,

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. All your concerns are good ones and will be addressed with revisions. It is one problem with posting a story as it's written; when I got to the ending, I knew what I had to go back and change to make it work better, but for this time out, it was too late.

      Your comments reinforced my own thoughts of what needed fixing. As a writer, this is a huge help. Thank you! :)