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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lo, The Summer Has Passed

With Labor Day weekend looming before us in a few days and the kids already back in school, I'm left wondering where the heck summer went. Seems like it just arrived with all its parades and barbecues and it's already on its way out the door.

Those of you who know me well, know that I'm not a winter person. Summer girl all around here. Which is why I'm always sad to see it leave so soon. Summer never gets to stay around long enough. And with its end, my birthday creeps a little closer, reminding me of all the goals I set before I turned another year older. All the goals I haven't *quite* managed to meet. Sort of like my New Year's resolutions. I think they all go off together to party as soon as I make them, knowing they'll never be fulfilled.

Anyway, the optimist in me sees the end of the summer as a new beginning. This year for the first time both children will be attending school full-time. Does this make Mommy nervous? Yes, yes it does. Are they enjoying it so far? Yes they are. With the exception of Bug needing to wear shorts under her uniform dress, they've adapted to the change well. They're making friends and learning in a small classroom environment. Good for us all.

With them out of my hair, I mean off learning and growing, I have time to focus on writing. Yes, it's amazing what I can do when I don't have to jump up every two minutes to break up a fight, fix a snack or entertain two small children. I can FOCUS. It's a miracle. Now to find out if focusing will pay off in the end.

Writing isn't going to be my only focus. I'll be able to query and hopefully my letters will make sense. It's a big step for me. Gibberish in my emails and messages will be a thing of the past. Maybe. If it isn't already hard-wired into my brain as a second language. Who knows at this point?

I was very much hoping to be able to share some good news with this blog post, but the good news has yet come to pass. I will say some of my querying is starting to show results. Will I have awesome news to share before my birthday next month and quite possibly fulfill one of my goals, for the first time ever? I'm crossing my fingers that it'll happen. What I can say is that agents will research writers as much as we research and stalk them. Eventually the mutual stalking will lead to chatting. If you're lucky, it'll end up in a partnership.

So, although the summer is ending, I'm looking forward to a promising fall. So long as the ghosts and goblins stay out of the works, it might be the best one yet.

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