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Monday, February 2, 2015

Soon Everyone Will Know

Wanted to give you all a quick update on WHAT THE TOWN KNEW. I haven't been around the blog much this past month because I've been a) sick and b) neck-deep in edits and revisions.

I received my manuscript back from my editor about mid-month and tackled the changes. And a lot of changes there are. For those of you who read the rough draft as I posted it here, just know that Lizzie, while still paranoid, is a much nicer person. Certain plot lines have been dialed back while others have been bumped up.

Currently, I'm holding the proof and going through to fix any lingering errors and format issues. Be prepared for a slightly different read when the book is released in April. (And yes, it will be released at the end of April.)

Also, Indiegogo supporters, the full swag packages will be headed out in the next few weeks, unless you're getting a hardcopy of the book. Those packages will be going out (hopefully) mid-March. I wanted the swag to go out before now, but getting the book ready took slight precedence. Don't worry, none of you have been forgotten!

On the picture book side of things, I do have an appearance at Woonsocket Harris Library on February 19th. It's at the end of school vacation, so parents in the area, if you need to get out of the house you can come see me. Story time and craft.

Hope everyone's having a fantastic year so far! Only 6 more weeks of winter and we can break out the shorts and flip-flops.


  1. Hi :-)
    We've just met on #AdPit (I'm JazzFeathers) and I was curious to see what you're up to on your site.

    Wow, you're wrapping you your book with an editor! Must be exciting.
    I've just finished my novel and now it's with my beta readers. This is the first time I work with beta readers and I'm super excited. Not heard from any of them yet and I'm getting nervous, but hey... I'm sure it will be worth it.

    Good luck with your realise :-)

    1. Hi Sarah! It's nice to 'meet' you. :-) The book I'm wrapping up for April is different from the one I'm pitching over on #AdPit.
      Best of luck with your novel! Hope you received a lot of interest during today's Twitter party.