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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One Year Anniversary and Still Not Easy

Straying away from my usual writing post today for a more personal post. Today marks the one-year anniversary of a life-changing event for my family, but not a celebratory kind of event. It has been one year since we lost my pépère. The year since has gone by so fast, it makes me wonder where it went and the time hasn't made me miss him any less.

My Dad and Pepere
I think what sticks with me most about is passing was how quick it happened. For an eighty-three-year old, he was more active than most people half his age. Up until two weeks before he died, he was out cutting wood for his wood stove and taking care of things around his house.

 Him and my mémère had been avid campers, travelling around New England and up to Canada in their camper every summer. The summer before he passed, he talked my mémère into selling their camper. Mémère claims he knew something was wrong then and never let on.

Mem & Pep at my brother's wedding in 2010.

He was diagnosed with cancer in late February. When the doctor told him it was terminal, he thanked him, went home and continued on his business until he became bed-ridden. Less than two weeks from the diagnosis he was gone.

I will always remember him as a hard worker, riding around on his tractor. His voice is imprinted in my memory, asking me if I brought my rabbit over because he has a nice warm room waiting for it, a joke about him wanting to cook my pet rabbits. His lop-sided smile, mouth crooked up on the side. To you, Wilfred J. Farley, Jr., Pepere and my father's father, I raise the Parting Glass.

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  1. What a sweet post! He was & still is a very loved man. He's keeping Pat & Oswald company. ;)