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Friday, May 2, 2014

The Writer's Voice Blog Hop Contest

Gods don’t die; they wait.
In the country of Elpis, the Greek gods of old have reawakened. Many are thankful to be remembered. Some are still hurt by humankind’s ability to push them aside so easily. One wants revenge.

Maya, a young girl from an influential family, becomes the vessel for Hera’s plans. Kept on an island for five years with only select companions for the duration, Maya is forced to mother forgotten monsters of ancient Greece. Monsters created to keep mankind in line. 

Angry over what Hera plans to do with her children, Maya does her best to secretly upset the Goddess’ plans. Teaching them about family and loyalty, Maya plants the seeds of rebellion in each monster she creates.

With an army at her disposal, Hera sends the monsters into the world, spreading her message of death and destruction. Now Maya needs to stop them, and Hera, before what’s left of humanity is wiped out in the name of a vengeful goddess.

At 64,000 words, MOTHER OF MONSTERS is a fantasy that explores the bonds of family and the ability to love unconditionally.

First 250:
Old gods never die; they wait and scheme. None did this better than Hera. Now her plan lacked only one element. A whispered word would set things right.

The night air was cool, but Hera didn’t mind as she entered the bedchamber of Thisbe, loyal servant to the goddess. Thisbe’s family had served Hera well for the past two thousand years. When Greece fell and Elpis rose in its place, her ancestors were the first to embrace the old ways. Now, Hera would repay them for their faith.

“Send her away. Save your daughter. You must find a way.” Hera’s words echoed in Thisbe’s head, keeping her from sleep. Her daughter, Maya, would be thirteen in the morning. Sacrificial age for the first born in a household of Hera.

“I must honor my oath to my goddess.”

“Do you believe this is what your ancestors fought and died for?” Hera said, planting seeds of fear and doubt in Thisbe’s tired and troubled mind. The words became young men and women in uniforms, dirty and injured. Flashes of light from their guns illuminated the battlefield that served as a graveyard once the fighting was done.

“My ancestors fought in the Last Great War to free us all. They built Elpis on the ashes of Greece. Their vision of a new country based on old ideals is everyone’s vision.”

“Yet you argue with yourself. Is their vision truly your vision as well?” Thisbe’s dream turned from the battlefield to an Elpis she had never known. 


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    1. Thanks, Shelly. It's an older ms I'm querying around. ;-)

  2. Yay I love your entry! Good luck!!

    1. Thank you, Missy! Are you doing Writer's Voice, too?

  3. Good stakes for Maya!
    best wishes! Laurel

  4. Interesting premise and enjoyable style... good luck!

  5. Fascinating premise! Ancient gods, monsters and a sympathetic mc -- pulled me right in. : )
    Best wishes!

  6. LOVE the first line of your query--sucked me in instantly! Good luck in the contest. ;)