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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Time's Running Out

If you missed my previous post concerning WHAT THE TOWN KNEW and the Kickstarter going to help fund it, you're in luck because I'm going to bring you up to speed.

Most of you lovely readers had the opportunity to read the very first incarnation of WHAT THE TOWN KNEW as chapters were posted on this blog two years ago. (Yes, that long ago. Time flies when the story ideas keep coming.) With the story finished, it was put on the back burner until now.

Scheduled for release in March 2015, Lizzie needs your help to get her story out. A beautiful cover needs to be paid for, editor to make sure everything is error free, and marketing to help spread the word to libraries and bookstores.

Want a glimpse at what the cover will look like? (You can't see the whole thing until I reach the halfway mark.)

Here you go:

Shout out to the fabulous S. P. McConnell

A good dent was made in my goal during the first week, but now we're down to the last 12 days and we're a ways away from making the goal.

Anything you can do, from donating to sharing, helps.

Additionally, if I can make my goal, 5% of my sales for the first 6 months will be donated to help domestic abuse victims. Lizzie's story is just that; a story. As her creator and author, I pulled the strings to make her ending a little less horrible. But, there are so many people, men and women, in the same situation that catapulted Lizzie into action and their stories don't end as well. Having the resources to reach out and help people in domestic abuse situations before they escalate into something there's no turning back from is important to our communities. I'd like to see everyone have the chance to live happy and healthy lives and leave the horror on paper.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pitch Wars 2014 (Potential) Mentee Bio

Hi everyone! Joining in on the Mentee Bio Madness for Pitch Wars. Welcome to my little blog, a mere speck on the all-powerful internet. *coughcough* I may be given to dramatics at times.

Anyways, for my regular readers, I entered Pitch Wars, hosted by the lovely Brenda Drake once again. TINMAN has been revamped and renamed. It's now JANE CASSIDY, FEMALE DETECTIVE. It's still set up for a series, which will hopefully remain The Tinman Series. The first novel focuses more on Jane, so it seemed appropriate to rename it, and hubby agreed. Our lovely detective has earned her stripes and will return to earn more.

For everyone hopping over here because of Pitch Wars, a little about me:

I'm a mother of two wonderful (if sometimes crazy) kids. My oldest, Wesley, is occasionally referred to as Monkey Boy. My youngest, Bridget, is always referred to as Bug. (She even has her own Tumblr.)

Me and hubby have been married 9 years. We met while we were working at a Renaissance faire. Believe it or not, we were cast as husband and wife. I was returning cast and helping out with costumes, he was cast because the previous actor wasn't able to perform that year. Our director told us we needed to spend more time together so our onstage relationship was believable. Ummm...yeah, we got into our roles.

My writing is all over the place. I hate being labeled as a certain type of writer. Most of my stories spring from a phrase bopping around in my head until I have to write it down or go insane. Those ideas and phrases turn into books ranging from children's all the way to adult. No Middle Grade or Chapter Books. I've tried writing these and haven't been able to. They are my weakness. ;-)

I have self-published. My children's book WHO WILL DANCE WITH ME? came out in November of 2012 and I'm currently gearing up to self-publish an adult novel that started as a 'Blovel' - a novel written on my blog. (You can read about it here, if you're so inclined.) I also have short story being published in the Dark Carnival anthology from Pen & Muse Press in October.

Outside of writing, I spend my time playing clarinet and alto clarinet with two community bands. One runs during the summer and the other during the school year, so no rest for the weary. Once a band geek, always a band geek!

Besides being a band geek, I'm an everything else geek, too. All the Fandoms!! Highest on my list is all things Jim Henson. My dream since I was small was to work with the Henson company, so much so that I entered the Dark Crystal Author Quest last fall. (Made the top 25, but that's as far as I got, sadly.)

I think that's pretty much me in a nutshell. Thank you for stopping by and checking me out, now go check out some of the other hopefuls on Dannie Morin's blog.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Give Lizzie a Hand

Sorry I've been MIA. Very busy summer, that's almost over, and some very exciting news.

Most of you know I'm working toward self-publishing WHAT THE TOWN KNEW. With all this project entails to make it sharp, I've decided to go the Kickstarter route. All the details can be found HERE.

I'll wait while you check it out.

Done? Awesome! Now you know what's up for grabs. Right now the 'swag' is a special bookmark only available through Kickstarter and a WHAT THE TOWN KNEW button. Should I make my goal, additional items will be added at set intervals, so watch for those updates.

Next, there is a book club special. If you belong to a book club, run a book club, are a librarian, or for any reason have a lot of friends who all love to read and talk with writers, check out the top level gift.

Also, please note that there will be an Audibles version. I think this part excites me the most. Even if you don't donate to get the Audibles but are interested, keep an eye on this space. I guarantee more information will be posted here as things progress.

Finally, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, if I meet my goal, even if I just make it, a portion of my first six months worth of sales will be donated to help domestic abuse victims. The more money raised over my goal, the larger the percentage I donate in return. The information concerning the amounts and where the money will be going will be posted here and on the Kickstarter page as the goals are met. To start with, 5% of my sales will be donated, but I hope that number will increase.

So, please share and spread the word. I have until September 11, 2014 to raise the money. If you have any questions at all regarding the Kickstarter, gifts, or just want to say hi, please comment away.

From me and Lizzie, a huge thank you!