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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Look What I Have!

The proof for my children's book, WHO WILL DANCE WITH ME? came in the mail yesterday. Check out the pictures. Sorry they're a bit blurry. My camera doesn't like the lighting in my apartment.
Cover Work.

Interior Spread

Interior Art
My daughter making
Bunny read.
Bunny making an appearance

Want to win a copy for your little princess or prince? Check out the contest on my children's blog!

And, yes, this means I'll have more time to focus on WHAT THE WHOLE TOWN KNEW. Lizzie will be returning tomorrow.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012 - For Fun and Profit

As you all know, I attended NYCC last weekend. I went not only for the entertainment, but also for learning. Yes, believe it or not, there were panels presented to make me a better writer. Crazy, I know. My husband laughed the whole time I was making notes, dubbing me 'The Geekiest of the Geeks.' Don't care; learned a lot.

Anyway, since there was so much to share from the trip, I decided to do this in two separate posts. First up will be links to the fun stuff. Pictures, videos and brief recaps of the panels I attended for enjoyment. Next week I'll post what I learned with links for anyone looking to improve their own writing.

Without further ado, my NYCC Experience, Part 1:
  • Top of the list is cos-play. There were so many fantastic costumes, it was hard to take pictures of them all. Here are the ones I took. Hubby did a much better job of taking pictures.
We also ran into costumed characters not from the Con.

  • Sir Terry Pratchett: He is the cutest old man EVER. Sadly I did not make it into the actual Meet & Greet as people lined up hours ahead of time and I got in line 1/2 an hour before it started. I did get to attend his DODGER panel, which was a lot of fun. A few take-a-ways from that panel:
  1. NARRATIVIA is Mr. Pratchett's new production company. He has taken back all the rights for TV, Movies, etc. on his books and will be releasing his own. To start with, THE WATCH, a TV series based on Sam Vimes. He describes is at 'CSI: Anhk-Morpork.' Also on the list is GOOD OMENS. 
  2. When asked how to write good humor into a story, Pratchett responded with, "Be me."
  3. Which character is he most like? Sam Vimes because 'when you're born poor it sticks to you. Even when you have money.'
  4. Who would he most like to have tea with? The Patrician. (Draw your own reasons.)
  5. Pratchett also revealed plans for a DODGER sequel. If he ever went into retirement, he'd spend his free time doing what else? Writing!
  • Crime Scenes, Horror Anthologies and Steampunk Dracula: Genres leaping to Transmedia

So the idea of all our entertainment, whether it be books, movies, TV or comics, becoming more multimedia friendly was a recurring theme for the whole weekend. One company leading the charge with Webisodes tying in cell phone use, text messaging and any other media they can use to their advantage, is Fourth Wall Studios. Take a look at what they have to offer.

  • Movies and TV shows making their way into the world that I got to see trailers of:
Grimm Fairytales - currently a graphic novel, but animated version is in the works.
Haven - in it's third season, Haven is based on Stephen King's novel The Colorado Kid.
Batman Lego: DC Heroes United - my kids will love this!
The Conjuring - yes, the house this movie is based on is next door to my parents. Yes, the house is strange. No, I have never set foot inside nor do I ever want to.
Beautiful Creatures - movie based on the fantastic novel by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl. Check out the trailer.
Carrie - remake of the Stephen King classic. 

Walking Dead & Firefly Panel Pictures

Random & Fun Pictures

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Going Away

That's right. I'm going away. Far, far away. To a distant galaxy, time and culture. As of tomorrow, I will be immersing myself in the world of Comic Con.

For the whole weekend I will be in New York, celebrating my geekiness. Camera in hand, I'll be attending as many panels and screenings as possible, including FIREFLY and WALKING DEAD. When I return on Monday, I will be sharing my adventures with you, along with finalizing my proof for WHO WILL DANCE WITH ME? I know you're all excited about this weekend as I am.

Why am I telling you all about this now? Why not wait until after I return and post the pictures and stories? Because as of tomorrow afternoon, I will be offline. Incommunicado. Not that many of you converse frequently with me.


I will not be available to post on Friday and Monday. I'm going to try to schedule posts before I leave tomorrow morning, but there is no promise. I'm currently getting the 'Look' from hubby whose birthday we are celebrating. (Happy Birthday, Sweetie!)

So, with this said, I will be back next week. If for some reason I don't get posts scheduled, please don't get upset. I promise to share some awesome adventures with you all soon!