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My Work In Progress

Please note that none of these are published...yet. Most are either ready to be queried or nearly there.

Picture Books

The Boy Who Loved the Moon - A little boy loves the Moon so much he spends every night cuddled in the Moon's embrace.

Barefoot Weather - Exploring the seasons with no shoes on is the best way, as any kid can tell you.

Giraffe Princess - A princess who wants to be the best princess and a new fairy godmother spell disaster.

Hic Hic Hiccup - When a little bug gets the hiccups, the whole insect community offers solutions to get rid of them.

Knick Knack Knuckle - Knick Knack likes doing things other animals consider boring, like watching paint dry. When the rest of the farm animals slow down, they discover some amazing things, too.

Koalaby - When a koala and wallaby fall in love, the result is a baby koalaby.

Perfect Pet - Thomas and Julia's mom got them a pet, but they have to guess what it is. Thomas hopes for something slimy or slithery. Julia wants soft and cuddly.

Purple Oranges - Henry's first day of kindergarten is going great until his teacher asks them to draw their favorite thing to do. Poor Henry doesn't always hear things quite right and draws funny colored fruit instead.

The Blueberry Man - Every year the Blueberry Man sells his fruit by the side of the road. One year, he no longer can and his grandson must take over.

The Lonely Minotaur - Poor Thaddeus the Minotaur. No one wants to play with him. That all changes with the arrival of Mirage the Gorgon.

The Noise Gobbler - Benjamin Bibbity refuses to go to sleep. Something lives under his bed and comes out only at night. It's the Noise Gobbler, here to make the night quiet.

Trouble is my Friend - Trouble goes everywhere with Trevor. When a surprise from Grandma and Grandpa is on the line, Trevor needs to ignore his friend whispering in his ear.

Young Adult

Down the Wooded Path - Cinderella "Cindy" Smith is the product of a family of believers. She hates her name and all the teasing that goes with it. With a little help from her best friend, Benny, she tries to find her own Happily Ever After.

S.A.M. (Working Title only) - Asimov High School senior Isaiah's best friend is a robot named S.A.M. (Self-Automated Machine) He's got a sometimes-friend in the overly nerdy Ned Norbert. When new girl Annalise chooses Isaiah over Ned, their tentative friendship is tested. A showdown at the annual Robotics War brings secrets to light about all of them.

Pandora Revisited - Ollie's just a faun trying to make a living on Afterlife. When a box belonging to the beautiful Pandora takes on a life of it's own, Ollie must unravel the why and how to stop it.


Jane Cassidy, Female Detective - (Book One of the TINMAN series) Detective Jane Cassidy wants to prove she can sleuth along with the big boys. In 1920s Coriander City, her dream is just shy of unreachable. Bad odds don't deter her from setting up shop and breaking into a 'Boys Only' profession.

Mother of Monsters - The old gods have returned and at least one isn't happy about being forgotten. Hera uses Maya, a young girl sacrificed to her, as the means to bring about the return of monsters. Unfortunately, Maya doesn't want to play by the goddess' rules.

Prometheus' Lantern - Hera isn't finished with Maya. After defeat at the young girl's hands, the goddess devises another plan. This one involves her brother, Hades, and those he watches over.

Of Love and War - William Brown joins the army to escape his past and who he is. When he falls for Lt. David Long, his past comes back to haunt him. Especially when his affections are returned and Don't Ask, Don't Tell hangs heavy over their heads.

The Solution - Governments worldwide have devised a plan to bring Utopia. All it takes is a simple vaccine. Ali Sinclair isn't buying it. With the majority of the population focused on the end results, only Ali and a handful of others search for the truth.

What the Whole Town Knew - Lizzie Mosher has been pushed one time too many by her husband Dale. In panic, she stabs and kills him. Now, she must hide from the whole town exactly what happened and avoid Dale's equally abusive father and brothers.



Short Stories

Religious Drama

Friends' Work