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Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Near Death of My Laptop and ABNA

Hello again! I'm back after a terrifying two weeks without my laptop. Something (Play-Doh) somehow (kids) got stuck in my fan. During the cleaning and repair process, the power button went, so we had to order a new one. Because, you know, nothing's ever easy.

Never fear, my Precious is back with me in time to finish preparing for ABNA. Because, yes, just before the fan-splosion, Amazon announced they would once again be holding the contest. Submissions open February 16th. (Interested in entering? Details Here.)

This has left me with two weeks to make all the changes I wanted to make in my manuscript and write the pitch. Not impossible, but a bit anxiety-inducing. Given that I'm entering something completely new and very different from my normal writing, my anxiety is already a bit high.

Isn't writing fun?

Want a peek at what's currently taking up all my time and mental capacity? I present my pitch. Feel free to comment.

          “There are two things a gay man can become:  A soldier or a priest.”
          With his father’s words burnt into his memory, William ‘Billy’ Brown enlists with plans of returning from Afghanistan in a body bag. If he dies a hero’s death, no one will know his shame. What Billy doesn’t plan for is falling in love.
          Captain David Long awakes in Billy all the desires he tried to leave behind. Billy finds himself attracted not only physically, but emotionally. When any day can be their last, love doesn’t have time to wait.
          With David’s death, Billy’s sexuality is called into question. He’s left with a choice: Continue to deny who he is or embrace it. The first choice means more lies. The second means facing his fears along with punishment for being different.
          Set during the end days of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, OF LOVE AND WAR follows Billy Brown from a confused kid running from his past to an adult struggling to accept himself. Even when that acceptance comes with hard consequences.