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Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Survived!

Two posts in one week. I know - completely unheard of, but I wanted to follow up on yesterday's adventure.

I went to the local writing group at 6:30 and left around 8:30. Twice the time I had anticipated. Not a big deal since it's only a two minute drive from home. But the length of the meeting isn't really what you're interested in. It's what happened during those two hours that matter.

First off, I was pleasantly surprised to find there wasn't one of 'those guys' there. Any writer who's ever joined a writer's group know just who I mean by 'those guys.' The one who sits there, smug look on their face, thinking they're God's gift to the written word. Every writer's group has one, although online groups have the advantage of being able to identify and avoid them.

Once I realized this group was free of 'those guys,' I came to the to the conclusion I must be 'that guy.' After all, my work is fabulous. *Please note the sarcasm here.* With this in mind, I tried to downplay all of my work, which is difficult when being stared at intently and questioned for the first twenty minutes by the leader of the group.

The group consisted of four members, although I was told there were as many as eight. Our leader (who I will return to later), an older gentleman who self-pubbed on Kindle and a set of twin girls who have a graphic novel up on Lulu.com. Half-way through, we were joined by another new member, a lady of Asian origins. I'm not sure where exactly, since she dodged around the subject by referring to it as her 'Native Language.'

Now, I've been in lots of writing groups and classes over the years and aside from 'those guys,' most members have always been fairly normal. For the first time, I was meeting with characters. The thought seems absurd, but it's true. I had to fight the urge to start scribbling away in my notebook, jotting down ideas for Breakfast Club meets Dead Poets' Society. With so few people there, I knew my sudden note taking would be noticed and questioned. I waited until I got home and wrote out a quick character sketch. This morning, I expanded it into a flash fiction piece.

Overall, my experience was different, but good. I now have two new friends on Facebook and other people to talk to about my writing, face-to-face. I believe I'll be returning to the next meeting.


  1. I've always wanted to try to join a writer's group. Glad you had a good experience with yours and keep us up to date on how it's going.

    1. I plan on blogging about my experiences with the group. I've found most local libraries host writing groups. It's worth looking into if you want to give it a try.

  2. Never been to a writers' group and most of the time just have to judge myself, but it sounds like you had an interesting experience.

    Was 'Squeaky' his name or his description of himself? :)

  3. First off, I would LOVE a Breakfast Club meets Dead Poets' Society!

    Your new leader does indeed fall under the category of "character".

    I have an inkling you're gonna glean plenty out of future interactions with this group...

    1. I need to finish off some other project before I tackle another one. I'll keep notes of anything interesting to use for the future.