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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Come One, Come All!!

Details are in for WHO WILL DANCE WITH ME? book launch! Come visit me on Saturday, November 17th at 2pm to take part in its debut! Books on the Square in Providence is hosting.

Tell all your friends & family! We're going to have fun.

Check out the flyer and feel free to print some out.

This also means I can add more appearances to my schedule. If you would like to have a book signing at your library or local bookstore, have them send me an email! I'd love to set up a date.


  1. Where is Friday's and today's What the Whole Town Knew??

    1. Ya no kidding,it's not like we wait for it every week.This is getting old,i'll be unlikely to get involved with another of her stories after this

    2. You need to remember that this is a FREE story, how many other authors out there give you such good free stories? Your comments are incredibly rude and tactless.

  2. Please remember I do this for free and you are getting a story for free. All I ask is some patience now and again as I do have another job and two small children.

    Also, comments other than when I miss a post are very much appreciated.

    Thank you!