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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Going Away

That's right. I'm going away. Far, far away. To a distant galaxy, time and culture. As of tomorrow, I will be immersing myself in the world of Comic Con.

For the whole weekend I will be in New York, celebrating my geekiness. Camera in hand, I'll be attending as many panels and screenings as possible, including FIREFLY and WALKING DEAD. When I return on Monday, I will be sharing my adventures with you, along with finalizing my proof for WHO WILL DANCE WITH ME? I know you're all excited about this weekend as I am.

Why am I telling you all about this now? Why not wait until after I return and post the pictures and stories? Because as of tomorrow afternoon, I will be offline. Incommunicado. Not that many of you converse frequently with me.


I will not be available to post on Friday and Monday. I'm going to try to schedule posts before I leave tomorrow morning, but there is no promise. I'm currently getting the 'Look' from hubby whose birthday we are celebrating. (Happy Birthday, Sweetie!)

So, with this said, I will be back next week. If for some reason I don't get posts scheduled, please don't get upset. I promise to share some awesome adventures with you all soon!


  1. Bye Bye. We promise to sugar your kids up real good before you come home!! That includes the dog & cats :D

  2. Ok,Comic-Con is a good excuse....i'll give you that.Have fun,but we are looking foward to seeing what happens with Lizzie!.

  3. I went to comic con this year as well and had a ton of fun. Although it's really, really hard to get into those panels you mentioned. People wait DAYS to get into them.

    1. The panels were crazy. I had an interest in all the panels happening in that room, so we stayed the whole day. If you made it in there, I was the crazy one during THE CONJURING who lives next door to the house.