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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's Beginning to Get Close to Christmas...

Christmas is less than a week away. How it snuck up on me this year, I don't know. My Christmas cards never were made, forget about being sent. Tree still isn't up and presents aren't wrapped. I haven't baked anything or candied any orange peels.

For those of you who don't know me well, this is bad. Usually I have the majority of my shopping done before Halloween and wrapped by Thanksgiving. Our Tree Decorating Party has evolved over the years to a full out celebration involving most of our family. Cards have always been something I look forward to since we do photos with the kids so relatives across the country can get updates at least once a year. Baked goods and candies get piled on platters and given to neighbors, friends and family. Somehow, none of that happened this year.

I could say we got busy, but it seems like a convenient excuse. I could say we got lazy, which is closer to the truth. But really, I haven't felt very Christmas-y this year. From talks with other friends and family, it seems to be a common complaint this year. Maybe we're all waiting for the world to end in two days.

Whatever the reason for the holiday blues this season, I hope we can all shake it off over the next couple of days. Santa is depending on us!

To all my friends, family and readers - Merry Christmas, Happy (Belated) Hannukkah, Happy Kawanza: Whatever you happen to celebrate, Happy Holidays!!!!

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