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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nerd Cat Diaries: Game of Cats 3

Day 3 -

Today is a sad day. Buddy, one of my brothers in black has fallen ill. The disease is unknown and even the maester is unable to cure him. I have left my post on the wall to watch over him.

While I sit by his bed, I can hear the maester and the commander talking in hushed voices. The maester may be able to treat Buddy, but needs to purchase herbs in order to try. The herbs are going to cost Castle Black quite a bit of money. The maester would like to try but the commander doesn't think we have the resources.

Quietly, I slip away. I must talk to my brothers if we are to save one of our own.

Serious time. There really is a BuddyCat and he is in need of testing. He belongs to the lovely Colleen Lindsay. For those who don't know her, Colleen is part of BookCountry.com, active Twitterer and all around nice person. Heck, she's put up with me stalking her on Twitter and showing up to pester her at NYCC. 

Friends of hers have started a donations page to help with the costs of Buddy. They're asking for people to boost the signal, even if they don't have funds to donate themselves. Already they're nearly halfway to their goal.

If you want to help, visit Bucks4Buddy. Read the story, donate or just help boost the signal.

Thank you! <3

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