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Friday, February 15, 2013

Nerd Cat Diaries: Game of Cats 4

Day 4 -

I have seen my first Wildling. They're bigger than I expected. I wouldn't say it to any of my brothers in black, but they are terrifying. I hope we don't come claw-to-claw with them.

The wildling has been circling near the forest border. Allowing the trees to encroach on the land so close to the Wall is now a weakness. Their movements are hidden from us as are their numbers. We have only seen the one, but there is no doubt more wait in the shadows.
The amount of snow so recently fallen should have hindered the Wildings, but it appears to have aided them. Overnight a small fortress has appeared, made out of the vile white stuff. They have also put up animal pens and the sounds of chickens is evident. What could they be doing?


  1. Yikes! That looks like a fisher cat! (Great photos!) Do keep us posted about the fortress...

    1. It is indeed a fisher cat. It had a fox buddy, too. And I have a feeling the fortress is going to be reinforced after this weekend's forecasted snowfall. ;-)