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Monday, April 22, 2013

A Week's Worth of Posts in One

Well, last week was a bit hectic. I had several posts floating around in my head, but every time I went to write on, something in the news made my thoughts and opinions seem trivial. So I waited for a good day. Unfortunately, it just wasn't a good week.

Now I'm going to give a little clip of what I had planned for last week, as close to in order as I can. Enjoy.

Last Monday's post was meant to consist of a discussion on music. The prior Saturday we attended a concert of British pop star Mika in Boston. In short, he was fabulous. Joking with the audience, relaxed and lots of fun. One song he sang the end of a capella and unmic-ed. At one point he realized he messed up his set list so started taking requests instead. I'm pretty sure he's also one of a very few select people who cannot only get away with saying, 'all right, you f-ers', but also make it sound endearing. I think it's the accent.

During his concert, he shared stories about how some of his songs came to be. This one is particularly poignant, as it was written during the London Tube bombings. He was stuck home rather than being able to go to the studio to record, so he wrote. This is the result. I wonder now why he chose to share that particular story two days before the Boston Marathon, around the corner from where the tragedy took place.

There was going to be a mommy post in the middle of the week. That one may still show up sometime in the future. It had to do with bullying, as I'm seeing it mentioned in a lot of my friends' Facebook and twitter feeds, and that worries me. With two small children getting ready to enter school for the first time next fall, I'm concerned about what they might be facing. I try to prepare them the best I can, but will it be enough? Will they continue doing all the things they enjoy doing or will their peers make fun of them, resulting in them changing to fit the popularity mold? All things I keep thinking about.

Friday I was going to make another posting attempt. Thursday I had back-to-back book signings. In Woonsocket, RI I did a reading and signing at their library. I ended up with two small crowds due to stragglers showing up later, but it worked out fine. It gave me a chance to connect with different people, many of whom just wanted to chat or show me their work, which was a first. But part of the purpose of doing these is to meet with people I wouldn't usually, so it was all good.

The second signing was up at the Leicester Library in MA. My, um, crowd for that one was much smaller. Mainly one little boy. They did warn me when I set up a date that over the last eighteen months they had three signings with no shows in terms of crowds, so I guess one is an improvement on that front. However, making the most of my time up there, I was shown around the building. The librarians were very hospitable, taking me to rooms full of awesome historical items that the public doesn't have access to. They have an antique fire engine on their second floor! And a 'Bat Room' that no longer has any bats in it, but lots of old history books. (The bats have been successfully sealed out.) I also had some more quiet writing time while I waited. More of PROMETHEUS done along with some work on the second episode of TINMAN. So, yay!

So, there you have it. Last week's intended posts all smooshed into one. At some point I may further expand on what were meant to be the first two posts. More likely, I'll end up going off into some other direction all together.

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