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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Peek Inside...

Some of you know this from following me on Facebook and Twitter, but I'm currently waiting on queries sent out for contests. Waiting stinks. So does querying. Anyone who likes to query, I will gladly give my manuscripts to and have them query for me.

So, while I wait, I'm working on revisions and other projects. Every time I open my writing folder, I'm surprised by the amount of stories in there. They're all at various stages, but it doesn't make the folder any smaller.

Anyway, since I generally only share information on what I'm working on RIGHT NOW, I thought it'd be fun to delve into my hard drive (really Dropbox) and give you all an idea of what's currently living there. Who knows, maybe someday soon some of them will be on bookstore shelves, ready for your reading pleasure.

Children's Books - These are all picture books. No MG (Middle Grade) for me yet. This list doesn't include any that I've handwritten and haven't gotten around to typing.

  • Who Will Dance With Me? - Self-published. This is the only book I have out at this time.
  • Trouble is My Friend - Being Queried. Currently waiting on a contest request for it. *fingers crossed.*
  • The Blueberry Man  - Being Queried
  • The Lonely Minotaur - Being Queried
  • Barefoot Weather - Ready for Querying
  • The Noise Gobbler - Revisions. Almost Ready for Betas
  • Can You Teach... - Revisions.
  • Bridgy Bug and Doodle - Um...this one may stay in my hard drive....
Young Adult - Some I originally had in this category have graduated up to adult. Fantasy books in particular have a fuzziness to them concerning which one they fall in.
  • Down the Wooded Path - Queried, Revised, Queried, Revised. This one keeps getting so close and not quite making it. On the back burner until I have time to work out the kinks keeping it from making it.
  • Grand Jete - Only the first two chapters have been done. This might end up being a NaNoFiMo project this year.
Adult Novels - The range here is about as broad as it can be. I have issues trying to pin my writing down to one genre, so I write whatever I feel like.
  • What the Whole Town Knew - Being Queried. This is another that I'm waiting for contest results on. (Again with the crossing fingers.)
  • Pandora Revisited - Being Revised. This one recently got a rejection with request to revise and resubmit, so that's what I'm doing. Originally intended to be a YA, it was decided it'd make a better adult. So, the Main Character is getting a bit more...frisky. 
  • Generation Gap - First Draft is completed. Revisions are in the near future.
  • Mother of Monsters - Revisions & Writer's Group project. Another intended YA that's turned into an adult. Themes got a bit out of hand while working on this and several agents who I queried suggested targeting an adult market instead.
  • Prometheus' Lantern - First Draft. This is follow-up to Mother of Monsters.
  • Jack and the Corporate Ladder - First Draft. Another potential NaNoFiMo project.
  • In Love and War - Bits and pieces on random scraps of paper and documents. This is my intended Camp NaNo project.
  • Echos - Opening paragraph. Yeah...I should look at that sometime.

So, that's my hard drive in a nutshell. I have poems and short stories in there, as well as a whole folder of Religious Dramas. The Religious Dramas had been requested work, but due to unforeseen circumstances, never used. If anyone you know wants some, I got a whole bunch.

Anyone else's hard drive look like this? So many projects and so little time?

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