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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Why I'll Never Be a Children's Show Host

Well, I did it. I sent in my audition tape for the Sprout's Next Host Hunt. Mostly because I told everyone I would and a little bit because I was attempting to plug my children's book. (I'm shameless, I know.)

I think it backfired.

As many of you know, I do theater fairly regular. I have no issue performing in front of crowds. Cameras are another matter all together. Especially if I need to talk to them like I'm talking to a real person. It's a lot harder than I was prepared for, even with all the mental notes I made.

Anyway, I ended up taping my audition twice. First time, nerves took over and I was all over the place. It also ran 39 seconds over the allotted 2 minute time frame, which meant it wouldn't be judged on my singing since it was at the very end. I know, probably for the best, but doesn't show time management or following directions very well. Not a good impression to make.

I had to wait to make the second tape, since it would automatically be disqualified if kids appeared in it. Again, as most of you know, my kids are with me nearly 24/7. Finding quiet time to reshoot was nearly impossible and ended up being done at 10 pm on the day it was due. Again, not the best time management on my part. Also, to add to the fun, I woke up with an earache that wouldn't go away (I still have remnants of it as I type this) making it impossible to smile. Needless to say, a cheery host I did not make. But, it fell in the two minute range --- a minute forty-seven to be exact. Out of time, it would have to do.

But life is never simple. The second audition wouldn't upload to the site. After nearly two hours of cursing and muttering, I gave up. Out of curiosity, I attempted to upload the original video. Lo and behold, it worked. Go figure.

Well, since I'm not one to go back on my word, I went ahead and sent it. Not my best work by any means, but neither was the second go. The practical part of my brain says a third try wouldn't have been the charm, either. I'm just not very good at playing me.

Also on my lists of promises was the posting of my audition so you can all share in my pain. I really wanted to back down on this one. I know they're bad (don't tell me otherwise, I know you're lying) but a promise is a promise. Both attempts for your cringing pleasure. Go ahead and laugh at them, I am.

First Attempt

Second Attempt

Besides, my opportunity at working on public television with puppets isn't over yet. I still can do this:


Hubby says I look good in black, so it's kind of like destiny. Right?

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