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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Confetti and Champagne Phreak Show

That's right. Confetti and champagne for everyone!

Sadly, this is not to celebrate me. It is, however, to congratulate the awesomely talented Lucas Hargis and his lovely new agent, Louise Fury. PHREAK SHOW is on its way!

I wrote about Lucas' journey to land an agent back at the end of September. If you missed that post, which contained love for two other fantastic writers who also connected with their agents, you can find it here.

There are no words for how happy this news makes me. For anyone unfamiliar with his writing, Lucas has an extraordinary gift for niche writing. Pegging his work down or trying to explain it is difficult, but reading it is completely mind-blowing --- in a good way. Truthfully I've worried he wouldn't land an agent based on those agents trying to market it to a publisher. He got full request after full request after full request. I told my husband it was because those agents loved it and wanted to read his work, but had no clue how to go about selling it.

His betas and critique partners loved his work. It's really hard not to, even with all the unconventional ideas he throws at you. His storytelling draws you in and doesn't let go. Every time he says he has something new that needs readers, my hands get all grabby. Yes, I may be a fangirl.

It's funny. I remember 'meeting' Lucas about two years ago when he started popping up on all the writing sites I frequent. Within a week, he was everywhere, including ABNA and Authonomy, where he infiltrated our World-Builder's Alliance. Back then, he was working on CAPRITARE and I told my husband how jealous I was of his writing. Since that time, I've read parts of two other novels and a short story he entered into the Dark Carnival showcase. Each time, he amazes.

So, while my husband might own one of Lucas' art pieces (what? I didn't tell you he's an artist? He also re-purposes items and furniture with his partner under their company Lucah Designs) I'm looking forward to the day when I own one of his books.

Want to show him some love? Check out his PHREAK SHOW Facebook page.

And for Lucas and Twiggy, this is for you. ;-)

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