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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Not What I Intended

Sorry for the lapse in posts. I put off writing because I was certain I'd have something awesome to share with you all this week. With all kinds of good things starting to take place, how could I not?

Well, at some point between all the awesomeness landing in my lap and the beginning of this week, the Universe turned around and blew me a huge raspberry. At least I hope that's what that sound was.

As some of you who follow me on Twitter know, I was attempting to get a position with the local library. Back in October they advertised for a Reader's Advisor. What better job for someone like me than helping people find books they'd love? (Yes, there's more to the job than that, but this aspect hooked me.)

Ok, maybe not quite this forcefully.

After applying and going through the most epic testing process I've ever gone through, everything went quiet. With no correspondence, I assumed I was out of the running. Then two weeks ago I got a call to come in for an interview. Ecstatic doesn't begin to describe how I felt and I once again dreamed about book chatter that paid.

Now here's the thing. When I'm nervous, I babble. My brain kicks into overdrive, causing me to talk too much and too fast. It also cuts off all answers to questions about myself. "What's your favorite color?" Uh... "What's your greatest strength?" Uh... "Can you tell us your name?" Nope!

For reference, I'm also the girl who, during my Junior Miss RI interview answered the question, "What's your favorite sound in the world?" with "ICE CREAM TRUCK!" because that was the first thing that popped into my head. Yeah, that answer went down well in a pageant atmosphere.

Might be something in our water...

So, my interview was all sorts of awkward, much like that Michael Bay interview. They'd ask a question, I'd think about it for waaaay too long, then spout out something that verged on making sense. Worst part? I had talked through almost all of these points with my husband ahead of time so I'd know what to say.

However, I could talk books. That was not a problem. Thanks a lot brain.

They told me I'd hear by the beginning of this week. We're now in the middle of this week, so I'm very doubtful I'll be getting that phone call.

There is a slight silver lining to this. I discovered that I can still be a active part of the ALA without being a librarian. Yes, it will be a huge time suck (the article I read's words, not mine) but it will be totally worth it. If I can't be an official Reader's Advisor, I shall endeavor to be an undercover one.

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