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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome to 2014

First post for a year filled with lots of potential. Then again, everyday is full of potential if we take advantage of it. Sometimes we only need to reach out and grab those opportunities and other times we have to hunt them down first. Today I'm focusing on the ones dangling in front of me.

I mentioned before that January could see a lot of changes. Some of those are moving along in the direction I wanted them to and others have fallen to the wayside. Right now I can't say what exactly is happening, but my busy January looks to be turning into a busy February as deadlines, requests and rejections move my own timeline around.

The one thing I can talk about is the Dark Crystal Author's Quest. Remember how I was going to be biting my nails until January 7th and how far away that sounded? Due to a sudden influx of last minute entries, the shortlist won't be announced until mid-late February. Hear that? Those are my nails begging for mercy.

In the meantime, my own work is still out and waiting for responses. A whole lot of waiting happening over here. While I'm waiting, I'm putting my own plans into effect, preparing for the busy year ahead of me.

Writing-wise, I'm planning on editing and revising at least one of the first draft mss waiting for attention. Working on that will keep me from refreshing my email too many times in the coming months. I also plan on participating in Camp NaNo and NaNoWriMo, even if it's to finish off first drafts. Picture Book Week has a place on my calendar as well, with the hope of writing something that will be usable.

In my own personal life, this is going to be a year of travel. From returning to libraries farther than a day's trip away to vacationing, I'm not hanging out around my place much. Two weddings for friends and family, both in different parts of the country, and one of which I'm officiating at. (No, I'm not telling you which one. I'm sure pictures will make there way onto the internet after the fact.)

Me and my husband also promised our two children we'd take them to Disney this year. We've begun making plans and in February (because all important decisions are taking place then) we get to officially book the trip.

So, that's basically my upcoming year in a nutshell. Will things change from the game plan? Undoubtedly. Will they be for the better? I certainly hope so. I'd like this year to be better than any year before and I plan to make it happen.

To all my readers, both old and new, a very Happy New Year. Grab a-hold of it and make it your own.

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