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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ready. Set. Write Picture Books!

April has come and gone, somewhat too quickly for my liking. Last week was a bit of a blur and this week hasn't been much better.

I shouldn't say that. This week has been great for the most part, except for the whole time moving too quickly. I reached my Camp NaNo goal on my YA Sci-fi, which still needs another ten thousand words or so before the first draft is completed. I also made it into PitchSlam on Twitter with OF LOVE AND WAR. A request was made on if from an agent for the first 50 pages. Here's hoping she wants to see more.

Aside from that, today starts National Picture Book Week! I participated last year, churning out seven rough drafts of picture books (one a day) with one of those resulting in agent interest, but no offer yet. (I'm still querying it with high hopes.) This year I plan to come away with at least one usable ms (after edits and revisions, of course) but would love if all seven ended up equally awesome.

In contrast to when I'm working on a novel or anything of great length, I tend to draft picture books and short stories by hand. If I try to write shorter pieces first on the computer, I can't get them to work, and vise versa, novels started out by hand never make it past chapter two. I don't know why my brain likes to work this way, but it does. So, if I'm quiet a couple hours each day for the next week, you know why. I'll be curled up somewhere with my pad and paper, scribbling away, with visions of Newbury Medals dancing in my head. ;-)

Anyone else joining me on NaPiBoWriWee? Let me know! I'd love to hear how you're doing over the week and what types of stories you come up with.

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