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Monday, September 15, 2014

Help Lizzie, Take 2

I told you all last week that I had a back-up plan for funding WHAT THE TOWN KNEW. The new campaign is live over at Indiegogo.

A few quick differences:

1. Lower goal amount. While my old goal would be ideal, reaching this goal means a lot less out-of-pocket expenses for me, which means a less stressed Emily between now and next spring.

2. New publication date. Since I failed to make the last goal, I had to push everything back, but only by a month. No matter what, this book will be happening next April.

3. The campaign gets funded, whether I reach my goal or not. Unlike Kickstarter, Indiegogo has a flexible funding option. This won't be an All-Or-Nothing, but I'll still be treating it as such.

4. EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!! That's right, I'm including an Early Bird Special on this. Anyone who pledges $20 or more this week will also receive a tote bag and key chain with the marvelous artwork of Sean McConnell.

If you pledged to the Kickstarter, I'd really appreciate your re-pledge here.

Thank you! And as always, if you have any questions, fire away.

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