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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nerd Cat Diaries - Game of Cats 6

Day 6 -

A new structure has appeared near the snow fortress. This one is smaller, more compact. Box-like. I watched it most of the night, waiting for someone or something to emerge. I was not disappointed.

Near dawn, there was movement in the hastily erected box-tent. What came out, I hadn't expected. The leader of the Wildlings, King Beyond-the-Wall, Mouth Rayder himself had been occupying the tent. 

Now, he lay siege to the Wall. He refused to budge, making it impossible to open the gate. As soon as we did, he would be through it in a flash. We were locked in a stand-off. He insisted they had come to us for protection. There was something else beyond the wall. Something not even they could control or destroy. I didn't believe him. Then we heard it. The shuffling beyond the tree line. We never saw it, but we knew for certain it was out there.

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